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Junta Nacional del Cafe: Información personal: Buy Terramycin Purchase Terramycin Online

Buy Terramycin Purchase Terramycin Online

Buy Terramycin
Buy Terramycin

Related post: eration, many of his conclusions are altogether too loose to admit of
general application, and at most are only true of the excessive use of
tobacco. MiUions of smokers live to a green old age, without any pe-
culiar disturbance of either their mental or physical faculties. Dr.
Richardson entirely overlooks the action of tobacco as a soother of the
mind, and as predisposing to study and reflection. Almost all great
men of modem times — philosophers, statesmen, and generals — have
been smokers. With these facts in view, and others which will readily
occur to those avIio Lave studied the subject, and wliicli ai-e well
known to all intelligent and reflective smokers, the anti-tobacconists
will make but little headway in their crusades against an article which
cannot even be lessened in consumiition by high tariflfe and excessive
7, Physiological Effects of Digitalis.
Dr. M. Galan presented to the Academy of Medicine in Havana,
Cuba, a Memoir " on the Physiological Effects of Digitalis." From
repeated experiments conducted by M. Martin-Magron, of Paris, Dr.
Galan concludes that —
1st. Digitahs accelerates the pulse only transiently, and previous to
the constant lessening which it produces on its action. 2d. This eflfect
does not take place if the heart beats normally slow. 3d Digitalis,
like digitaline, as observed by Vulpian, causes a change in the shape
of the heart, ith. It diminishes the treating, both in organic and
nervous affections of the heart. 5th. Hypertrophy is, of all affections
of the heai't, the most obstinate to the action of digitalis. 6th. This
substance diminishes the calibre of the blood-vessels. 7th. It excites,
instead of dej^ressing, the cerebral functions. 8th. It very seldom de-
termines couviilsions attended with spinal jDaralysis. 9th. Digitaline
may rationally be employed in several diseases: convulsions, epilepsy,
spe'rmatorrhcea, and specially in tetanus, in preference to woovara,
which otherwise acts on the nerves, and excites the spinal cord, as
proved by C Bernard. — Annals de la Real Academia de Ciencias Mi-
dicas, Fisicas y Naturales de la Habana. Dec. 15, 1854.
8. A Few Words concerning Bantingism. By C. B. Kadcliffe, M.D.
(Read before the British Medical Association. )
As every one knows, Mr. Banting was a stout man who became re-
duced to more seemly dimensions by the adoption of a particular code
of diet. As every one also knows, "Bantingism," or the struggle to
become thin by following Mr. Banting's example, is at present the
fashion in many (p^arters. Is, then, this fashion to be encouraged, or
is it to be discouraged ? Dr. Eadcliffe is of opinion that it ought to
be discoiiraged, and the present "few words " are intended to show in
brief why it ought to be.
Mr. Banting's rule is to take abundance of lean meat, claret, sherry,
Madeira, and tea, and to abstain as miich as possible from bread, but-
ter, milk, sugar, beer, and potatoes — articles containing starch and
saccliiiriue matter — to abstain as much as possible from the articles
upon Order Terramycin Online which Mr. Banting had lived almost exclusively in the days
when he was a victim to obesity. The diet in Bantingism, indeed,
is essentially tbe Terramycin Online same as that prescribed in training for the ring or
for the boat race. The cliicf i)eculiarity in each case is to allow a
large amount of lean meat, and if there be any difference, it is that
the Bantingist deals more liberally with himself in this respect than
the athlete. What Mr. Bautiug allows himself is rather more than is
eaten by the average-.'-izeman in training. It maybe expected, there-
fore, that the known results of the process of training may throw
some light upon some of tlie consequences of Bantingism. It maybe
expected that Bantingism cannot be carried beyond a certain point
with advantage. In training this is certainly the case, for after a cer-
tain time, longer or shorter as the case may be, after within four
months at the longest, the person in training rapidly gets "out of
condition." Nor is it otherwise with Bantingism; at any rate, Dr.
RadcUflfe, says that he has met with several persons who, after trying
Bantingism for a while with no disadvantage, have thns got " out of
condition " in an unmistakable manner, some of them becoming very
gouty, and all Buy Terramycin of them experiencing a decided failure in strength and
Dr. Eadcliflfe is disposed to look upon this loss of "condition" in
these two cases of training and Bantingism as depending partly upon
excess of nitrogenized food, and partly ujDon deficiency of fatty mat-
ter. The nitrogen of the food escapes in the main by the kidney, as
urea or uric acid, and if the kidney be not up to its work, the system
is apt to become gouty from the accumulation of these products in the
blood. Hence it is not difficult to see how excess of nitrogenized
food may, sooner or later, lead to iU-health, and that, esx^ecially, in the
case Purchase Terramycin in which a projDer amount of exercise is neglected. Nor is it dif-
ficult to see how deficiency of fatty matter may tend to bring about
the same result, if, as Dr. Eadcliffe supposes, a certain quantity of
fatty matter be necessary to the proper nourishment of nerve-tissue.
It is not difficult to see that nerve-tissue, which contains a large
quantity of fat, may be starved if the food do not contain a sufficient
quantity of Generic Terramycin fat, and that this starving of the tissue may involve a cor-
responding want of nervous energy. At any rate, Dr. Eadclifte is
disposed to look upon the diet Order Terramycin in training and in Bantingism as cal-
culated to nourish the muscles Buy Terramycin Online rather than the nerves, and he believes
that Purchase Terramycin Online this may be one reason why Buy Cheap Terramycin prize-fighters, like Heenan, have of-
ten been so seriously wanting in the power of sustained action, and
why the followers of Mr. Banting have after a while begun to flag in
the spirit which animated them at first.
In a word. Dr. Eadcliffe considers that it is not safe to ignore the

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