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From: rimpigfl
Subject: MY JOCK DAD: My 18th Yearmy sexual yearnings when I was your age. If you're my age, and I'm NOT
telling you what that is, sit back, grab some lube and enjoy. This story is
given freely for you to enjoy and hopefully shoot a load pre teen fucked to. And you can
share this story with anyone you want, but don't try and sell it.MY JOCK DAD - My 18th Year
by RimPig
(c) 2001As I walked down the hall toward the bedroom, I heard the sound of muffled
sobs coming from the room. I walked in and saw my lover Mike laying on the
bed with hot pre teen his face buried junior pre teen porn in his arms. His body shook with the sobbing. I
didn't know what was wrong, but I had to find out. I sat down on the bed
next to him and leaned over and kissed his shoulder."What's the matter, lover? What's wrong?" I asked.Mike raised up and looked at me. His eyes were red-rimmed. It was obvious
he had been crying for some time. He leaned over and buried his face in my
lap and continued to sob. I put my arms around him and held him while I
stroked his pre teen picd dark hair."Just cry it out, Mike. It's OK. No matter what it is, it will be all
right." I soothed him.Finally he was able to stop crying and wiped his nose on the back of his
arm. I reached over and grabbed a tissue and gave it to him. He wiped his
eyes and blew his nose loudly. Then he looked sheepishly at me."I'm sorry. I didn't want you to see me this way." he apologized."No problem, lover." I pre teen thais tgp
said. "But do you feel well enough to tell me what's
wrong?""I got a letter today. It was from a group of lawyers. It seems my mother
and father were killed in a car accident about a month ago." he explained.These were the same two people who had thrown Mike out their home and told
him never to see or contact them ever again. This came about after they
caught Mike and his best friend having sex in Mike's bedroom one day. They
instantly rejected their only child because he was Gay. It was only through
the intervention of Mike's high school football coach that allowed Mike to
graduate and then get a scholarship through my Dad so he could go to
college. Otherwise he would have ended up on the street. Probably selling
his beautiful body in order to eat and ending up dead by now of drugs or
worse."Oh, Mike..." I said, not knowing exactly what to say at this point. "I'm
so sorry for you. I know you always dreamed of someday being reconciled to
them. Though, truthfully, lover, I could never understand why you wanted
that after what they did to you!"Mike may have wanted to forgive his homophobic parents, but I wanted
nothing to do with them. I stilled harbored strong hatred for anybody who
could do that to their own son! I figured eventually he would figure out
that he was better off without them. Now there would never be a chance for
anything."I know." he said. "But they were still my parents. I wanted them to love
me, even though I know in my heart they probably never could. I wanted to
make myself so successful that they would be sorry for what they'd
done. Now, there's no chance."He reached out to me, and I melted pre teen fuck
into his arms. He held me very tight, as
if he was afraid of losing me. I knew how alone and bereft he felt. I
reached up and pulled his mouth down to mine and kissed him deeply. He
responded nudist young pre teens to the kiss and returned my passion. I figured that making love
would help him to forget this situation for a while. I might be ls pre teen models wrong, but
I've found very naked pre teen women little in life that loving sex can't make at least
bearable.Mike responded with more ardor then I expected. In fact, he responded hot pre teen ass so
passionately, I quickly realized that he was seeking the comfort of our
union almost without thought. I met his passion with photography naked pre teens my own because I truly
loved this man and would do anything to help him feel better.Mike pushed me back on the bed and began ripping my T-shirt off. Literally!
He pre teen model directory grabbed at the material sex underwear pre teen and I heard it rip. I didn't care. I was there
for whatever he needed. Once he had my shirt off, he pounced on me and
began sucking and biting on my nipples. It was almost like being devoured
by an animal! It was incredible!He licked at my body pre teen pictures hot and pre teen tight jeans sucked so hard on my abs he left red hickies all
over my abdomen. He moved down and began tearing at the opening to my
pants. Before I lost a good pair of jeans, I pushed him off and pulled my
jeans off myself. Once I was naked (I never wear underwear anymore - maybe
a jock, but nothing else), babies pre teen rorikon Mike pounced on me once again. He began licking
and sucking on the pre teen anal pics
skin of my groin. I was hot and sweaty and hadn't had a
shower all day. I wasn't illegal pre teen nude worried however, listening to Mike deeply
breathing in my scent. It seems we've always pre teens pono images had that in common. We love
the scent of each other's bodies.After covering my crotch and balls with his spit, he quickly raised pre teen sex phots my legs
and pushed his face into the crack of my ass. I heard him sniffing deeply
of my ass trench. Then I felt his tongue pre teen thong model swiping up and down my butt until
it settled on my pucker. He locked his lips around my hole and sucked hard
on my ass while shoving his tongue deep inside. pre teen desnuda
He began moving his tongue
in and out of the hole rapidly while he drooled spit inside. I didn't need
a road map to anal pre teen fuck
know where this was leading.Raising up between my underage sex pre teen legs, he didn't even bother to strip. He just popped
the buttons on his 501's and pulled them down below his cock and balls. He
spit on his hand and lubed pre teenie his hard cock with it. He placed it at the
opening to my body and, with one snap of his hips, buried his weapon in my
butt all the way to his pubic hair. While this wasn't the way he usually
fucked me, I didn't mind. Over the last two years, my ass has become so
used to free pre teens porno his cock being in it, I sometimes have this empty feeling when it
isn't.Mike began pounding my ass - hard! He fucked like a man with a mission. tiny tits pre teen And
the mission appeared to be shoving his cock in far enough to come out my
mouth! He soon pre teens 14 models worked up a sweat, which began dripping all over me as he
continued to drive his hard cock into my ass. I reached up and stroked his
wet shoulders and chest. I am always turned on to his sweat, the feel of
his wet skin, pre teen models images
the salty, manliness of the taste, the incredible male-animal
smell of his body in full rut. I reached up and grabbed him around the neck
with both hands. I pulled him down until our lips met. I smelled and tasted
my ass on his lips and tongue which intensified my passion. He shoved his
tongue into my mouth. Again so deeply that I thought he was trying to lick
his cockhead somewhere in the middle of my body!The kiss pushed him over the edge and he shot a huge load up my ass. So
huge, in fact, that I could feel it squirting out cherry pre teen model around his cock and
dripping down my butt. He collapsed on me and I held him in my arms while
he panted, trying to regain his breath. His cock, however, remained hard as
steel and buried in my ass. I had a feeling that this was only the end of
round 1.And I was right. As his breathing recovered, his hips began small fucking
motions. His cock began to move slowly and gently in my ass. This fuck was
going to be different. This was going to be for love, not just for
release. I recognized all his many rhythms. And this model pre teen pic
was my favorite of
all. Not just because he could do this slow undulation in and out of my ass
for hours, but because of what went with it.He raised up on his elbows while I locked my ankles around his hips. He
looked deeply into my eyes. I could see the love there."I love you more than anyone in the world, Sport!" he vowed."And I never knew that I could love someone as much as I love you!" I
answered. "I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. If we could only
stay like this forever!""I think my cock would begin pre teens fuck to adult porn pre teens
really hurt after a few weeks!" he giggled
at me.I was thrilled! I actually got him to laugh. That was the first step in the
healing! As I said, loving sex can make almost anything better!He kissed me and continued to slowly drive his cock in and out of me. I
knew what it pre teen naked galleries meant when people pre teen movei talk about two becoming one. He was part of
my body and I was an extension of his. We moved in complete synchronization
with each other from long experience. A dance of sensual delight and loving
expression. And with each thrust of his body into mine, my passion rose
another notch until I was lost to the sensation and found myself bathing
both of us in my cum as I shot. This triggered Mike and I felt him fill my
body with another deluge of his sweet cum.This time, he rolled off me, pulling his cock slowly from my ass and
pulling me with him into a tight embrace. I began licking the salty sweat
from his chest and stroking my hand up and down his body. He buried his
face in my hair and drew my head down to his chest. We lay there, him
gently stroking my hair and me stroking his chest. After a while, I finally
got up because I had to piss really bad."Where are you going?" Mike asked."I gotta piss!" I said."So where are you going?" Mike pre teen asia pics
asked seductively."Well..." I stopped and looked back at him. "I was going to the
bathroom...." I hesitated."No need to go that far." he said, grinning at me.I walked back to the pre teenage girls models side of the bed. Mike leaned down and gently captured
the head of my cock in his mouth. pre teen thai nudes He began to gently tickled the underside
of the head with his tongue. I tried to hold back and let him have it
slowly, but I had waited too long. pre teen girls xxx
My piss began to gush from my cock and
into Mike's mouth. He quickly began swallowing all my golden juice. I
seemed to piss forever but Mike never lost a drop. He continued swallowing
until I was dry and then began to suck gently at the head of my cock for
more."There's no more in there, big boy!" I said."No, but I know where there's a lot naked artist pre teen of cum that needs eating." he said
putting his hands on my hips and turning me around.He pushed me over so that I was bent at the waist and began sucking at my
recently violated hole. His mouth and tongue felt so good in my ravaged
ass. I felt pre teen modell pics my swedish pre teen sex muscles relax and his tongue go deeper into my butt. Then I
felt the gentle suction of his pre teen angels models
mouth and thai pre teen porn my muscles seemed to let go
completely and I felt a movement of his cum out of my hole. Mike was
moaning and swallowing as he ate his two loads from pre teen nude sex my ass. Not being a
selfish pig, he turned me around again, and pulling me down to his face,
shared the heady mixture of cum and my ass juices with me in a deep
kiss. We passed the mouth-full of cum and ass-juices between us until they
were gone. And still we were locked in a kiss, trying to lick more from
each other's mouths.Finally Mike broke the kiss and with a wide grin announced, "I gotta piss,
too!"I lay down on the bed next to him and gently took his cock young pre teen incest in my mouth. My
tongue naturally slipped into his foreskin to taste any "cheesy" build up
there. I wasn't disappointed. Not only cheese, but the remnants of our fuck
as well, some cum and more of my ass juices. When his jet of hot piss
joined the mixture, I was in heaven. I quickly began drinking down this
golden part pre teen girls erotic of my lover's body. I have a hard time putting into words the
feelings that I get when I am joined to him this way. The liquid gold pre teen nues which
pours from his body is like a very naked pre teen porn special connection between us. We have
at times been able to time it just right so that I am drinking his piss
while he is drinking mine. It is almost like an infinite circle.When he was finished, I raised up and looked into pre teen fucking hardcore
his eyes. Most of the
terrible sadness was gone, replaced by contentment and love. I was so
thrilled that I could do this for him. I had lived all my life knowing what
love was and that I was loved. Dad is such a good job of making sure that I
knew how much he loved me. I couldn't imagine the pain and heartache that
Mike had felt to be rejected by his parents. From what he had told me, they
weren't very good at showing love before then. I think when we found each
other, I gave Mike a sense of security and love that he had never before
known in his life. Not to mention a family. Dad and Troy loved him as well.
And Mike seemed to blossom over the pre pre teen sex last two years because of that fertile
ground of love we gave him."Oh....uh....I forgot to mention something...." Mike stuttered."Yes?" I answered, somewhat worried. Mike only stuttered like that when it
was something skinny pre teen pics
really important."I'm...uh....no!...we're rich!" Mike finally got it out."What do you mean, 'we're rich'?" pre teens in porno
I asked."We're rich! I've inherited over $20 million dollars!" he gushed."20....million....dollars!!!" I gasped! "My God! We are rich!!! Hey! Wait a
minute! Don't you mean 'you're' rich?" I pre teen latinas porn
questioned him."No!!! I mean that we are rich! You are my mate. If I was poor, you'd share
that with me, wouldn't you?" Mike questioned."Yes, of course I would." I said."Then you can just shut up and share being rich as well!!!" Mike exclaimed."Oh my God! What are we going to do with all that money?" I asked."Well...I've been thinking about that." he explained. "First of all, We're
going to build a house. A huge house! Just for the four of us and room to
have lots of playmates come over and party. And enough room for each of us
to have a private space. With lots of land and lots of trees and horses!"I could see Mike's childhood dreams being talked out. So it was horses that
he wanted when he was little. So be it! I would love to go out riding -
especially naked!"And Troy's going to need an office to practice sports medicine in so we'll
build him a clinic pre teen nude model with physical therapists and massage therapists and
everything!" he continued."And I'm going to buy your Dad a sports car! And any other damned thing he
wants. And I'm going to buy you sex pre teen pic
a diamond and platinum ring and a matching
one for me. We're going to be able to say to the world that, whether they
accept it or not, we're married. For life."I was filipino pre teen models overwhelmed. I already felt married to him. I knew that while bbs pre teens models I might
like to play around with other guys, there sexy pre teen dvd
was one and only one that I
would ever love as fully and completely. And the house sounded like a great
idea. I just wondered whether Dad would go for it or not. He can get funny
about things sometimes. I know he loves this house, but it is sometimes
very cramped quarters with 4 men all rumbling around in it. We would have
to see."Mike, those are wonderful pre teen naked girl
ideas. I know that I will love the project of
building the house. Lets just make sure there is one huge shower in it
somewhere where we can all go and get really pre teen illigal porn
nasty with asian pre teen models each other!" I
giggled."All ready have it planned, lover!" Mike said.Later that night, when Dad finally got home from the college and Troy got
off from the hospital, we told them about Mike's news. I didn't know how
Dad would react to the idea of a new house, so I was surprised when he was
entirely enthusiastic about it. We were all sitting around the living room
talking about it when Dad got pre teen free sex
up to go get another beer. I followed pre teen young nude him
into the kitchen."Dad, are you sure you're ok about the idea of a new house?" I asked."Sure, Sport, why do you ask?" he looked at me questioningly."Well...it just that pre teen erotic I know how attached you are to this one...and..." I
hesitated."I know what you're thinking. Yes, this has been a wonderful home. But it
is somewhat crowded with all pre teen porno thumbs
4 of us here sometimes. And I know, it has
always been my house. I've set the rules. But we're all grown men now. We
each have too much love and respect for one another to need someone making
rules. I don't need to feel responsible for the 3 of you anymore. And
besides, I know why Mike is doing this. I gave him a home, a family, and my
son as his lover. He wants desperately to show his gratitude for that to
me. Now what kind of a shit would I be if I didn't let him? I love him and
I want to see you and him happy more than anything else in the world. And
you both are. This new home will be a home for all of us. We'll all have a
hand in designing it and it will be truly ours. And Mike will always have
the pride of knowing that he was the one who provided it. As far as I can
see, this is a win/win situation, Sport." he explained.I threw my arms around him."Oh, Dad, I love you so much! I don't know why I'm so lucky to have a Dad
like you!" I exclaimed.Dad held me and pre teens in panties then brought his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. I could
feel his cock rising and felt mine answering his call. I wanted him to rape
me right there on the kitchen floor. But Dad had other ideas."I think we should take this into the living room pre teen masturbation videos
and get everyone
involved." he said, pulling back from me."Well, how 'bout we go out there naked? That should get things going." I
suggested."Sometimes, pre teen thong Sport, you have the pre pre teen fucking
best ideas!" said Dad, beginning to strip.By the time we were both naked, we were both sporting hardons and so we
emerged from the kitchen small pre teen tits with them leading the way. Troy and Mike looked up
and began grinning at the site pre teen trailers
of father and son wearing nothing but
hardons and smiles.Instead of going to Troy, his lover, Dad went over to where Mike was
sitting on sexy pre teen smokers the couch. He naked pictures pre teen
looked down at Mike."I wanted a beer, but I find I need to recycle some first before I can
drink anymore." Dad said, grinning at Mike.Mike reached up and pulled Dad's cock to his mouth. He puts his lips around
the head and waited for Dad to european pre teen sex being pissing."That's what I need, a piss-boy! It's so much hotter to piss into a willing
mouth!" Dad said as he let go of his golden essence.Mike moaned around Dad's cock and began swallowing as quickly as he
could. As I can attest to, that pre teen handjobs porn old saying about "pissing like a race
horse" certainly applied to Dad. I remember one of my first fantasies about
piss came from watching him piss in the shower. The strong jet of liquid
fascinated me from an early age.While Dad pre teens galleri and Mike played piss games, Troy leaned over an took my cock in
his mouth. His tongue began lightly fluttering over the head of my cock
which became rock hard in seconds. Then Troy slurped the whole thing in
his mouth and down his throat with the intention of getting it pre teen pics xxx
as slimey as
he could. I smallest tits pre teen knew where this was leading. Troy loved to be fucked and never
missed an opportunity to get pre teen tittie models
Dad's, Mike's or my cocks up his butt.I let him work on me for a few minutes while I enjoyed the sight of my
lover drinking down Dad's piss and then sucking on Dad's cock. Then I
pushed Troy off my cock and told him to kneel on the couch while leaning pre teen czech models on
the back of it. He assumed the position which stuck his beautiful ass out
and made it easy to get pre teen of russian to his hole for eating and for fucking. I quickly
buried my face in his ass and began sucking on his pucker while shoving my
tongue as far up his dark hole as I could reach. Troy nude girls pre teens had been at work and
hadn't had time for a shower, so I was getting the real ripe essence of his
ass! It was like a hit of very strong poppers to me. My cock was so hard it
could cut diamonds!I spit on my hand to lube my cock and then placed the head at Troy's eager
opening. His ass ring seemed to nip and suck at my cockhead, trying to get
me to push it inside. I obliged pre teen thumbnails xxx by snapping my hips forward and burying my
bone in Troy's backyard in one push. Troy likes to be taken this way and I
heard his groan of pleasure as bbs pre teen forum my cock came to rest with my pubic hair
tickling his butt hole.I slowly began to pull my cock from his hole and push it back in. This slow
fuck was to drive Troy pre teen panty pics
crazy. He usually begged for it fast and hard so I
tried to, at the beginning, to take it slow and easy to drive him nuts! His
ass muscles were incredible! It felt like his ass hole was jacking off my
cock up inside him as he tensed and released them. But, having already cum
twice with Mike, I knew I could make this ride a long one, and I would
have, if Mike and Dad hadn't interfered.Dad must have been watching me fuck Troy and gotten some idea in his head
because the next thing I nubile pre teen knew, Dad and Mike were beside me while I was
shoving my cock in and out of Troy's butt. Dad whispered something to Mike
and the next thing I knew, I felt Mikes hefty cock nudging at my
backdoor. I was too dry however. I felt Mike squat down and the next thing
I felt was Mike's tongue forcing his way into my well-used ass and lubing
me up. After eating my ass for what felt like hours - but was pre teen pussy models only minutes
- I again felt Mike's cock at the entrance to my butt. I pushed back and he
sunk the whole thing up my ass in one jab.So there pre teen toons I was, up to my pubes in Troy's butt while Mike, my lover, was
buried 'balls-deep' in mine. That left japanese pre teen sex only Dad.But not for long.Dad got down behind Mike and started sucking his ass while Mike fucked
me. After a few minutes, Dad - who had reserved some of his piss for just
type of this situation - pre teen sex myusenet began pissing on Mike hole through his hard cock
as he shoved his meat up Mike's rear tunnel. Mike was getting fucked and a
piss enema all at the same time.So there we were, a daisy chain of raunchy, piss-loving fuckers! As Mike
pumped into me, I could feel Dad's power fucking through Mike and I
supposed that Troy could feel Dad as well as Mike through my pounding of
his hole.It didn't take long for us to cum. Troy started it. The clenching of his
ass around my cock set me off and I guess I had the same effect on Mike
who, in turn, caused Dad to go off in his ass. We creamed each others butts
and then Dad pulled out of Mike's butt and began to suck his cum and piss
from Mike's ass. Mike pulled pre teen boy
out of my ass and began to suck his cum pre teen girls topless out of
it. Not to be left out, I pulled out of Troy and began to tongue bath his
ass, enjoying the taste of my cum and his ass juices.After the fuck, you'd think we'd be done, but no! That turned into a Daisy
chain with Troy eating my butt, me eating Mike's, Mike pre teen models fotos
eating Dad's and Dad
sucking on Troy's. Then we reversed and sucked each other off. In between
we each had a few beers and ended the night with a daisy chain piss. I got
to drink Troy while Mike drank my piss. pre teen sex gratis
Dad returned Mike's earlier favor
to him black pre teen pussy and drank Mike's piss while Troy got to suck down the old race
horse's gusher.We ended pre teen young boy
up in the big shower before heading off to bed in our own rooms -
Troy with Dad and Mike with me. As we curled up together in bed, Mike took
me in his arms and gently kissed my lips."Sport, it seems no matter what terrible thing happens in pre teen movie thumbs a day - and today
was a motherfucker! - as long as I can have pre teen models nudist you in my arms like this at
night, it's another wonderful day!"The EndThanks for all your wonderful e-mails. There will be more stories
coming. Now that I'm in this "Jock" vein, I want to explore it some
more. If you liked this one, write me at rimpigflyahoo.com link pre teens
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