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Hardcore underage Boy underage

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From: rimpigfl
Subject: My First MarineThis story is true. I've written it for a friend of mine who loves Marines
as much as I do and wanted to hear the brunette underage slut story of the first one I ever had
sex with. The places and the names of places are taboo underage real. Only the name of the
young Marine has been changed. I'll share the memory with you, but 101 nude underage not him!
He's still a very precious memory to me.
by RimPig 2000It was the 1970's and Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale was a lot busier
with Navy ships than today. The Viet Nam war was still asian underage xxx very hot and the
threat from toplist child underage communist Cuba was part of the "cold war" which made people in
South Florida nervous.Of course, there is one wonderful thing on the island of Cuba - Guantanamo
Naval Base. video underage Home to hundreds of American Marines, Gitmo - as it is known -
made Fort Lauderdale a very popular "liberty port" for Marines and
Sailors. After being stuck on a few hundred acres of Cuban territory for
months at a time, the servicemen came to Fort Lauderdale ready to "party"!I was just beginning college in Broward Junior College (now called Broward
Community College - "Junior" being considered a derogatory term) when I
discovered the influx of Marines underage naked video to my town. I never thought that I would
ever have the chance to see real Marines, except at a Naval Recruiting
Office, without going to San underage teenies tgp Diego. But thanks to the information imparted
to me by a member of my freshman English class, himself a Marine Corps
veteran now getting young porn underaged an education on the GI Bill, I discovered that the
local newspaper had listings of all landings of Naval Ships at the
port. And, I quickly learned from my friend which type of vessels would
carry a contingent of Marines. And in which types of bars that Jarheads
were likely to hang out in.Did he realize the prurient nature of my interest? Well, since I had been
sucking on his cock and ass for several months (despite underaged shaven pussy
his fairly active
sex life with his girlfriend), I'm sure he knew EXACTLY what I was
interested in. I guess he felt his underage girls masterbating brother Marines deserved to "share the
wealth" of my rather hot mouth and talented tongue. Especially since he
knew he couldn't possibly fulfill my voracious sex drive by himself!There is a bar, very near the entrance to Port Everglades called Freddy's
Anchor chinese underage teen Bar. In those days, it was the typical sleazy underage boys underground "port bar" that
attracted old and young sailors and Uncle Sam's Misguided Children -
Jarheads! Today, it is owned by the original owner's son. It has doubled in
size and now serves lunch and "happy hour" drinks to yuppies. But in those
days, it was a dive. And conveniently underaged asian
located right next underage top to a large adult
bookstore' with private booths' - some of which were larger than the rooms
at the local bathhouse! It was called Studio X and was my favorite
hangout'.I was too young to go into the pretty tiny underage
bar, being only 18 and underaged rape video the drinking age was
21. And I underage girlies nude was a young looking 18 who got carded almost every time I went
into the adult bookstore who's age limit was 18. top underage twat How I wanted to go over
to the bar until I found out that if I hung around the tiny underage girls
back room' gay twinks underage of the
adult bookstore, many patrons of the bar would visit there as well.
Drinking made them horny and diminished their inhibitions so that by the
time they staggered into the bookstore's movie arcade', they were ready to
get their cocks sucked - and they didn't much care who did it!I had a great time most nights sucking the cocks of truckers who drove out
of the port. I had the great pleasure of introducing many of these straight
men to the added joy of having their asses eaten. I especially loved their
reactions to underage ass pic
this new, degenerate activity. I would get young underage incest
them to take off
their pants in the locked booth while they sat on a bench watching movies
which I had fed quarters into the boxes to run. Ostensibly this was so that
I could lick their balls as well as suck on their horny cocks. Eventually
I would start working my underage teens pics way down, past their balls, underage drawings lifting up their legs
as I went. Some of them actually helped by lifting their legs thinking, I'm
sure that I was going to lick the back of their balls and that wonderful
piece of skin between their ass and their balls.Most of these truckers were fragrant with mansweat from working all day.
The aroma of their asses was naturalist underage better than the real poppers you could still
get in those days! As I licked lower, they seemed to asian underage model be surprised by my
actions, but basically seemed to trust me. I had been very good to their
cocks and balls so far, I guess they wanted to see what else I could cum up
with.When I finally got to their asses, though, and took a deep lick of their
smelly trench, I would purposely look up between their legs and watch their
faces. The first free underage creampie
reaction to cross their visages was often complete disgust
at the idea of someone licking their smarmy butt. But once the incredible
feeling hit their booze and testosterone fogged brains, a grin of
face-stretching proportions usually followed. That and deep, hardcore underage masculine
moans.I particularly loved the "verbal" ones. The one's who would tell you teenager underage movies
in no
uncertain terms what they liked and wanted."Yeah, faggot! Eat my fuckin' ass!", "Yeah, boy! Really lick my stinkin'
butthole!" or even "You really like suckin' on a man's smelly ass, doncha
faggot!"Yes, I loved it!!! The smell and taste of those straight, virgin holes
would push me over the edge asia underage teens
and I would cum a videos galleries underage load in my pants. Of course,
that wouldn't stop anything. And, oftentimes, I could cum underage girl pic
3 times just
eating his ass and cock before he ever got off.But what I really wanted, what I dreamed of was to put my tongue up the
smelly asshole of a genuine US Marine!One Saturday night, I learned that there was a destroyer in Port with a
contingent of young Marines, fresh off Gitmo and, I hoped, looking for
someone to unload their cum-filled balls. I knew that some of them underage playtoy
would be
hanging out at Freddy's and I prayed that they would also little teen underage
want underage models angels to visit
Studio X and get their rocks off. You see, I knew something about that bar
that the Marines probably didn't. It wasn't a place to pick up women - not
for free, anyway. And most of the hookers who went there were not exactly
what you would underage childsex call "choice". Many of them had seen a better day - if they
ever had one! - a long time ago. So which would they want, old cunt for a
price or young cocksucker for free? I was betting on my chances.But as I stood around and waited, I began to think that my estimation of my
chances were a little overplayed. Oh, I had been busy. There were the usual
contingent of hot truckers who I sucked and rimmed on a regular basis. Some
of them were complimentary enough of my talents to actually cum looking
especially for me! It underage teen nn was high praise from these "Knights of the Road" and,
believe me, I worked hard to live up to their expectations.But where the FUCK were the Marines?!?!The bar was close to closing at 2am and not a single jarhead had visited
the bookstore. I was just about to give up when the ultimate God of Marines
walked into the backroom. He was young - probably no more than 22 underage priteen but that
was VERY mature to me! He had a high ukrainian angels underage and tight' and was wearing his
shore-leave khaki's. He had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. His clothes
showed that he was very well built. The sleeves of his shirt were almost
too tight around his bulging biceps and he showed a basket that promised a
large organ underage fuck sex
for me to "play".He looked around at the booths, seeming at a loss of what to do. I decided
that I would, as an old hand', be helpful to the confused jarhead."Each booth has all the movies in them that you see advertised in the case
on that wall. You just put your quarters underage african nude into the same numbered box as the
movie and it shows on a little white screen on the back of he door." I
said, not knowing where I even underage sample video got the breath to make sentences!"Well, you seem teenporn underage to know you're way around here. Got any recommendations as
to what film is good?" his deep baritone underage bbs darkcollection rumbled at naked underaged girl
me boy underage and caused my
already hard cock to begin leaking cock-snot like a faucet down my leg."Well, it depends on what you like. If you like just regular sex, number 6
is good. If you like it a little kinky - ass fucking and such, number 11 is
very hot!" I said, thinking that maybe I had a future in movie reviewing!
Or at least in reviewing them for horny Marines!"I see they've got some queer films, too. I don't want to see any of
those!" he sneered with just enough macho emphasis to let underage little whores me know that this
was going underage girls dildo
to be bikini underage "one-way" sex only! That was OK with me. I just wanted to
get my mouth and hands on him!"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. They put the coinboxes for the gay
films on the other side of the booth. You can't make a mistake that way."
Or accidentally get the films you REALLY want to see!"Well, why don't you show me how this all works since you seem to know your
way around pretty good." he said with a very sexy, boozy grin.Oh, this Marine was HOT!!! He knew what he wanted and I was going to be
given the privilege link underage of giving it to him!As we entered the booth, he had me go first and I noticed that he
immediately locked the door."Don't want underage toplist df
to be sexy underaged teens
disturbed while I'm getting' off." he explained.No problem for me! I certainly wasn't interested in sharing him with
ANYBODY! I put some of extreme underage teens my pocket full of quarters into the machine - enough
to go through the movie. I picked the one with a girl sucking two guys
cocks and taking them up her cunt and ass at the same time. I figured this
would make girl underage him too hot to care about what I was doing to him.The film started and we hot underage porn sat in the darkness of the booth while the
soundless film ran. This was cute underage small
before video tape and the movies were all on 8
millimeter film. The woman was doing a very bad job of sucking on one of
the guys's cock while the other was feeling up her pussy in preparation for
fucking her.I was suddenly very nervous. What if I'd misread all the signs? What if he
didn't go for any "queer shit"? This underage diaper models was a male who was trained to kill
with his bare hands! Had I gotten myself into a very dangerous situation
because of my raging hormones?I needn't have worried. He soon was rubbing the growing mound in his
pants. And then with no urging from me at all, he stood up and started to
undress."I don't want to fuck-up my uniform" he explained as he took off his shoes
and pants and tiny teen underage layed them neatly on the bench. His shirt followed next,
leaving him in white t-shirt and briefs. The t-shirt quickly followed and
he sat back down on the bench, now dressed in only his briefs and socks.He started playing with his cock again which had grown considerably during
his "strip-tease". I saw a wet-spot of pedofilia underage porn pre-cum had already stained the
white cotton and underaged schoolgirls I began to stare at his cock without any pretense of
watching the film."I could sure use some help with this fucker, little buddy!" he said
quietly. That's all I needed to hear!!!"I'd be glad to give you any help you want, Sir!" I said. I mean, what else
do you call a Marine? Sir!I got down on my knees and started rubbing his thick manmeat through the
cotton material of his briefs. He moved his hand and put them both down at
his sides, letting me have free reign of his crotch. He moved his crotch
forward to the front on the bench, leaned back and spread his legs. I
started smelling the crotch of his briefs, smelling sweat, piss and
pre-cum. I then put my mouth over the mound of his hard cock underage video pics underagesex girls pics
and began to
blow my hot breath onto the fabric. He moaned and shoved his crotch even
further towards me.I reached up and began to slide his briefs down his legs. ukraine underage
He lifted his
feet to help me gay underaged porn
get them off and hotunderagemodels
I held them to my nose and took a deep
whiff of them before putting them on the bench with underaged supermodels his other angel young underage
clothes. He
looked a me with a rather curious underage model tgp
expression while I smelled the best underage pedo russian
of his underwear, but played with his cock while I did so - having given up
watching the movie for the moment.I went back down and began licking his large cock. It was beautiful! It was
at least 8 inches long and it wasn't completely hard yet! It was thick and
uncut. Uncut! My favorite!!! And as I nuzzled the wrinkled skin hanging off
the large head, I smelled the unmistakable odor of my favorite snack - head
cheese! I stuck my tongue deep in the underage nude ukraine folds baby nude underage of cock-skin and began to lick
at the drooling head. His cock-snot was sweet and pungent to my taste. I
pulled down on the loose skin underage fuck tgp
and began to lick at the white cock-cheese
under the underage tweens large head.He moaned again as I began to take his cock into my mouth, running my
tongue around his sensitive head. I slowly allowed his cock to fill my
mouth and tried to let it go down my throat. I moved a little to fast and
gagged at underage accidental nudity
first."Take it easy, little buddy! I know it's big. Don't choke yourself on it."
I heard him say above me.I looked up into his smiling blue eyes. I was lost! I would gladly die to
take this young Marine underaged naturist girls god's cock down my throat as far as I could get it!"Don't worry! I can handle it, just need to get used to it, is all." I said
as I took a big hit of poppers and went back down on his steel hard cock. I
worked my way down the shaft until the head was lodged deep in my throat
and I had my nubile underage porn nose buried in his sweaty, fragrant blonde pubic hair. I'd
never gotten a cock that far down my throat before! Thank God for poppers
and the way they relax your throat muscles!"Hey, what's that stuff in the bottle, buddy?" my young warrior asked. underage sex creampies
evidently had not had the joy of being introduced to poppers yet."It's poppers. It gives some guys headaches, but it makes your cock feel
like it will blast through the ceiling! It gives you are real body rush!
Wanna try it?""Sure thing, kid!" he answered and so I held the bottle up to his nose,
holding one nostril closed while he took a deep whiff of the pungent odor.I quickly went back down on his cock, swallowing it whole. He almost rose
off the bench in the pleasure of the rush and my cocksucking!"WOW!!! Goddamn Fuckin' Shit!!! That shit's incredible!!! And so is your
hot mouth, little buddy!"Alright! I've got a "verbal" one! Just what I like! Wait until I get to his
tender, underaged nude photos
fragrant ass! He'd be screaming Greek incantations by then!I handed him the bottle and let him be in charge of how high he wanted to
go while I continued to work on underage sock models his hard cock. It was getting harder by the
second and I gallery xxx underage didn't want him getting off yet. In fact, I didn't want him to
get off for hours!!! But I figured he wanted to get off sooner than
that. So I began to put "Plan B" into action.I moved down his crotch and began to lick his tight ballbag, which underage masterbating had
drawn up close to the base of his cock. He didn't have much in the way of
hair. I guessed that was from both his youth and his being a blonde. I
licked and nibbled at his balls while he took more hits off the bottle of
poppers and moaned deep in his throat.I slowly worked my way down to the back of his balls and began licking his
perninum illegal underage kid (that area of skin between the balls and ass) slowly working my
tongue little underage russian towards his ass-crack. I could already smell the musk of his ass and
it was driving me nuts! I didn't need the poppers - just the smell of his
ass was getting me harder and harder in my underage machines wife
underage nude modeling pants.Finally, I got tongue wedged into the crack of his butt and began
aggressively licking and pushing, trying to get to his hole. I guess he
finally figured out what I was after because suddenly he raised his legs
and spread them, giving me complete access to that most secret part of a
man's body!I didn't waste any time. I made a lunge lollipop cp underage for his fragrant hole and began
licking up and down his ass-trench. He was moaning up a storm and I could
here him hitting the bottle of poppers with regularity. I began to lick
around his asshole and finally underage home movies locked my lips around it and began sucking
on it. I inserted my tongue in his tight hole and he found his voice again."Fuckin' Shit!!! Goddamm, man!!! What the fuck are you doing to my
ass??!!??"I looked up for a sexy underage teen moment. "Don't you like it?" I asked, afraid that I done
something too kinky for him.He answered by grabbing my head and pushing it back to his stinking
butthole!"You keep doin' that, buddy! You fuckin's suck on my ass! You like lickin'
ass? Well, I'm gonna give you all the ass you can eat!!! Get that tongue
workin' in there and really eat out my hole!!!"I didn't need to be told what to do, but I loved hearing it anyway! I
licked and sucked at his ass like a hungry fool. His butthole began to
relax and I was able to get my tongue up in it and began to lick out the
tart taste of his inner ass. He continued moaning and saying things I
couldn't understand.That is until he began to holler, "I'm gonna cum, man!"I quickly moved up and buried his cock back in my throat. I had no
intention of missing one tasty drop of this underage virgin pussy Marine's cum! He began to
shoot. I thought I had sucked down nudegirls underage contest
some big loads from some of the horny
truckers, but I was wrong!!! This was the grand-daddy of all loads. He just
shot and shot and shot! I lost count of how many times his cock pulsed
sending gobs of USMC jizz down my cute underage sluts hungry, cocksucking throat. But by erotic underage models underagegirlspics
time he was done, I'd already shot off in my pants without even touching
myself!I held his cock in my mouth as it softened, continuing to lick at the head
and swallow the small, after-orgasm drops of cum that continued to pour
from the head of his cock. He lay back against the wall of the booth almost
as if he'd passed out from cumming so much and so long. I wanted his cock
as long nude underageboys as I could keep it. It was warm and tasted of Marine!But nubile underage teens finally he gently pulled it from my mouth. I looked up, and he was
smiling that lazy, sexy smile of his at me."You could really ruin a guy for women, you know that, buddy?" he said,
laughing.I smiled underage schoolgirl sex back sheepishly. "I wanted to do you really good. I've always
wanted to have a Marine. You're my very first." I confessed."Well, you've got good taste, little buddy! Marines are the BEST!" he
boasted with pride in the Corps.I figured the encounter was over. At least I'd have the memory to jack-off
to for a long time. But then I heard him say:"You know, ileagle underage girls there ain't a Marine alive that can't get off more than underage sweet tiny once!
How's about you and me find someplace a little more comfortable to continue
this party?"I couldn't believe my ears!!! He wanted MORE!!! And I was ready, willing
and "gung-ho" to give him all he wanted!To be continued....You can write with comments underage consumption ohio
to rimpigflyahoo.com
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